Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bath Time

Over the weekend we took advantage of the 90+ degree temps to give everyone a bath and much needed sheath cleanings. Here are some pictures of the herd looking shiny and brand new but I'm sure it won't last long! There were no shenanigans in the wash stall so all were rewarded with Stud Muffins and carrots.

"Donnie" "Umm, I don't know what she was doing back there but it felt a little weird"

"Mellon" looking good for a guy who's almost 30 yrs. old

"Nate" patiently waiting for his friends to come out and play

"Sami" enjoying a few moments without his grazing muzzle, he's a little pudgy yet
"Mr. Blue" Very clean and shiny...for a few minutes anyway, we both know this won't last!

"O'Grady" Such a sweeheart
Quote for Today 
Life is good; a horse makes it better!


  1. Wow!! They look gorgeous. And so clean :) Sami is looking a tad cuddly ;) but so shiny! Mellon is almost 30??! Looking good! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Smart ponies. Why would they refuse to cooperate when they could have the pleasure of a bath when it's over 90 degrees. I can feel it now.....

  3. Bathes on hot days must feel great, and the horses all look even better in their shininess! Your horses, and your place, are gorgeous!!

  4. They all look so shiny and clean!! After camping last weekend, Ladde is just trashed. Sweat, dirt, poop and pitch...on a white horse no less. *sigh* It's all good - right? We are getting our first load of new hay this weekend, and wouldn't you know it? Upper 90's are being predicted! Lord help us!!! We might have to play in the garden hose just to survive. :) You do have a beautiful place.

  5. I want to live in your wash room!! You have the nicest horse set up I've ever seen. Mellon looks GREAT for 30. Wowzer!! Your fatties look like my fatties. I've had to dry lot a couple, too. Leah was favoring a foot a bit and I thought she was getting laminitic--all is well now that she's stalled.

  6. So great to see them all - they are all so shiny and handsome!

  7. I love the stone tiles in your washrack!
    Cleaning sheaths is probably one of my LEAST favourite jobs, but I guess everyone feels that way because I used to make a killing in the backstretch doing it for all kinds of racehorses (other than my own) @ $20 a pop.

  8. They all look so spiffy and clean! It's good you got some photos, it never seems to last haha ;)


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