Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Successful Surgery

"O' Grady"

My daughter’s horse Grady had an operation on his third eyelid two weeks ago.  He had to have a cancerous tumor removed.  She took him to the vet clinic for the surgery.  They sedated him and removed the tumor, which was quite large, without a problem. 

Grady came home the same day once he wasn’t drowsy and could ride safely in the trailer.  What surprised both of us was how well he took his SMZ’s and let her put in his eye medication.  He didn’t do that for me when they took the biopsy and I needed to administer the eye cream.  Guess I don’t have the right touch to suit him or he only trusts his girl.  I probably don’t need to mention he got lots of hugs and treats for being such a sweet boy.

So we’re all very happy he did so well and his eye healed without a problem. It’s nice to have something good to report for a change.

Quote for Today
He knows when you’re happy
He knows when you’re comfortable
He knows when you’re confident
And he always knows when you have carrots!


  1. That is great news. Love to hear when things go well and right. I do believe they know their special people and prefer to be handled by those same people. My granddaughter doesn't get to come out and ride her horse very often, but she still knows she's hers. They must sense the devotion and love coming their people.

  2. That's great news! :) Love the quote too

  3. Glad handsome Grady is better now!

  4. Good news. I love the quote too!

  5. So glad all is well! He must be a one-woman kind of guy... :).

  6. That's good to hear :) Glad he's recovering well. And what a good boy, taking his eye cream so well - I know people who recoil at just the thought of it ... me included!

  7. Wonderful news! Hope the big guy continues to be cooperative with the meds and eye ointment...

  8. This is great news! I'm sure Grady feels better with the TLC from his people. I'm sure he thinks you're his people too, you just have a different role in his mind.

  9. Enjoyed your site. Came to it from a post you had on 7msn ranch. We share the love of horses. I looked back to see what area of the country you are in but couldn't find it. I'm in Tennessee and fit into the "older" women riding club. I ride Tennessee Walkers.


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