Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back In The Saddle

It sure took long enough but I’ve finally been able to catch a ride on Dusty.  While I was working getting her back up to speed in the fitness department she started to look a little “ouchy”.  When the vet came out for Spring shots I had her examined and x-rayed.  Seems she’s not having another attack of laminitis/founder but simply needed an adjustment in her shoeing.  Our vet and farrier work together so he sent the farrier her x-rays.  Seems all she needed were her toes shortened and he put her shoes a little further back for a better break over.  This did the trick and she was perfectly fine.  She still has a slight rotation but it’s not affecting her at all now.  Every Spring I get a tad paranoid that she will founder again but so far so good.  Dusty is still sporting her grazing muzzle and I think … no, I’m sure she still resents me for making her wear it.  Even if I tell her it’s for her own good!  I understand how she feels; I really used to hate it when my mother told me that, too.

When I tacked her up and brought her into the arena she was as good as gold.  There was no drama at the mounting block to start.  Then we proceeded to do a nice walk on a long rein.  Then a few huge circles in each direction with a nice even bend.  After we were warmed up we did an easy trot.  Not her normal rushing speed, but on a loose rein.  I couldn’t believe how brilliantly she was behaving.  My daughter even commented on how she’d never seen her go around so well on a loose rein.  And I’ll tell you that’s quite a compliment coming from her.  She’s a very tough taskmaster.  She went so well in the one direction that I didn’t even try the other direction and got off.  I always want to end on a good note, and since the ride was perfect up until that point I figured why push it our first ride back after a break?  Dusty got lots of praise and hopefully she’ll remember how much easier it is to be good than not. 

Who knows, maybe she missed working and was happy to get back to doing something productive?  Or maybe she just needed a long lay off to get her head straight.  Whatever it was I’ll take a ride like that anytime.

Until next time
Quote for Today

When riding my horse I no longer have my heart in my chest, but between my knees.


  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2014

    Sounds just lovely - for both of you!

  2. Dusty looks great and you sure had a good ride! Good for you! Now I have to get going.

  3. What a wonderful ride, for you & Dusty! Ending on a positive note is always good. I don't unnecessarily "push the envelope" either, it's a delicate balance and whatever feels right usually is. Bet it feels grrreat to be back in the saddle!!

  4. AnonymousMay 29, 2014

    She sure is a pretty girl! I'm delighted you're back in the saddle. Wishing you a happy summer's riding.

  5. Yay! So glad you had a lovely ride on the beautiful Dusty mare. :)

  6. I'm in a similar "boat" with Chance's feet, although he's showing a bit of a navicular issue, so he will need an angle adjustment and shoes. No worry for me yet. I'm sure the riding will be no problem, but it's the mounting and dismounting I'm not sure of with my left hip still not free of pain. Otherwise, I'd be on track with you starting back in to riding.

    How good to hear Dusty was such a good girl after the long winter layoff. It proves the validity of all the training you've done with her. Glad you got off while she was being a star. She is the kind of horse who will remember that reward, I'm sure.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful ride :) And Dusty looks every inch the beauty she is. Glad the 'problem' turned out to be an easy fix. Looking forward to hearing more horsey adventures.

  8. Awesome ride and nice quotation.

  9. Dusty looks great.

    I totally agree with what you said about lunging in your last post. (I read them but don't always comment to save time.)

    Don't be surprised. She is simply improving. You've been working on her all these years Now you're making progress.

    I would also end on a good note even if it was faster than I expected. That's a good thing!

    I rode Harley for the first time too. After lots of lunging. About ten minutes. I think he's headshaking so I'm going to start riding another horse instead. I'm going slow. No rush.

  10. Yipee! What a lovely ride! I think she missed working with you. And, no fuss at the mounting block?! How great is that?

    I really like that your farrier and vet work together. You are very lucky.

  11. Dusty and Dudley sound about the same with their feet! Dudley is going fabulously right now; he just got natural balance shoes put back on him. And speaking of, it's time to go lock him up and give him his soaked hay!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  12. Sounds wonderful. Hope the rides are still going well.


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