Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wild Kingdom

It's not news that we've had lots of snow here in the East and it's been hanging around for a long time because of the low temps.  Last week I threw some stale bread out for the birds and it was gone in minutes. So I threw out more...gone in a flash. They must be starving after this winter. I've never actually bought seed and put it out for them because the truth is I never thought of it.  Figuring that most of the birds head south for the winter I assumed they weren't around except for the crows that are usually feasting on roadkill. To make a long story shorter while I was in Agway picking up dog food they had wild bird seed on sale so I grabbed a few bags.  Here's the results:

The birds came first

The squirrels showed up next

Then came the fox

 The fox is not interested in the bird seed.  His game is to sneak up on the birds and squirrels and see if he can snag a hot lunch or dinner.  So far, the birds and squirrels just know he's there and take off before a disaster happens.  Mr. Foxy isn't as sly as he thinks he is even if he does peek around the back of the garage wall first and then take a flying run at his potential food. 

And finally we have the deer

So you tell two friends and I'll tell two friends...

The quality of the pictures are not great because I took them through the kitchen window with my iPhone.  Luckily, the snow is gradually melting with some days of warmer temps so I won't have to put out feed anymore and they're back to being on their own as soon as I finish up the seed. 

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  1. What a great post! The pictures are fine and all the critters (even the fox) look very sweet. No melting here today. We had two days that hit 50 and now we are having blizzard conditions. We feed the birds too.

  2. I LOVE this - it could be a children's book!! What a treat for them, for you, and for US. :))

  3. I've been feeding the birds, squirrels, and random critters all winter.

    The little birds are the ones I feel most sorry for. This time of year, big flocks of blackbirds and starlings tend to show up and clean out the feeder in a matter of minutes. They frustrate me, but I suppose they need to eat too.

    I get peanuts and ear corn for the squirrels. It make me feel good helping them through a nasty winter like the one we've had this year. And, they are fun to watch. The squirrel is even now playing around outside my living room window. Keeps my indoor cats entertained too.

  4. You've become very popular with the critters. :D

    I just started feeding the birds this year. It makes being stuck in the house because of the weather a little more tolerable. Lots of cardinals at my feeders these days...

  5. You made a difference in the world today. As a kid, in England, we'd cook up bird seed and nuts with suet and put it in a mold with a string down the center. When it cooled and hardened it was ready to hang out for the birds. Then we'd watch them come, just as you did.

  6. How magical!! Thanks for sharing. The pictures look great, you can see the birds and animals so clearly. Poor Mr Fox, maybe he should just try the bird seed for a bit ;) I can't believe you still have snow! We've got daffodils coming out here.

  7. Wow they found the food fast, and what a variety of critters you attracted! I feed our birds year round, because I love watching & hearing them.

  8. You sure had some lovely visitors to your feed. Glad the fox never got a kill! Still, they're hungry too!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  9. The pictures are special just the same, especially the fox. Good catch!

  10. WOW!!! I would have been sitting behind the kitchen all day, just watching the procession!


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