Friday, November 1, 2013

A Little Humor


  1. This could have been written at my house any number of times through the years. While I don't have cats anymore (because my dogs chase cats--I got them after my last cat died), I do remember those days and yes, they did live here with OTHER dogs and they kept telling me we couldn't afford the dogs ;o)

    Thanks for the laugh this chilly November morning.

  2. Loved all Of Those!!! Totally Got Me Chuckling!
    The"He Says I Can Have His Treat" And"The Black Cat "Evil" Got Me Good.

    Thanks For The Kind Support Always! It's Stormy Today....May Catch Up a Little, By Sitting Still!


  3. Oh my gosh- the one with the chihuahua! LOL

  4. LOL!!! These are hilarious! Especially love the one with the tigers :D Thanks for sharing.

    Love the Halloween poem (blogger was acting up *humph* couldn't see it till today!), so evocative. And the 'horse head' person -- rofl!!!

  5. I don't know why but the evil cat one totally cracked me up. I'm still chuckling!

  6. The evil cat looks exactly like the new stray that moved here. We are calling him Spooky.

    Anyway, those were great.


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