Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nosy Horses

As I was heading out Sunday afternoon I pulled into the driveway that leads to the backfield to see 

what the herd was up to.  Our horses never cease to amaze me in that they can find the most 

mundane things to amuse themselves.  I have to apologize for the quality of the pictures.  The gate 

leading to the field was locked and I didn’t have the key with me so the pictures are taken from far 

away. Even with the telescopic adjustment it seems they aren’t up close and personal enough.  If I 

was more agile I might have climbed the fence and walked in but my fence – hopping days are 


Sami - The first one to investigate the newly dragged arena

Seems he just needed a fresh palette to show off his artistic talents

"Hi Mellon, want to play with me and Grady"

Nate checking out the interesting new playpen

Sami sampling the all-you-can-eat-grass-buffet. I guess it's true, the  grass is always greener  on the other side of the fence.

Blue never gets involved with their silly antics

 Until next time

Quote for Today

There on the tips of fair fresh flowers feedeth he
How joyous is his neigh
There in the midst of sacred pollen hidden all hidden he
How joyous is his neigh
    - Navajo Song


  1. Just beautiful! Looks like they have wonderful places to enjoy and explore.

  2. Loved the photos and seeing the surrounding area. What a paradise you have. The horses look so tranquil in that setting. (I've said it before, I'm calling a moving van.)

  3. Oh That Was Just Lovely, Exploring That Best Play Pen Ever!!

    Blue, So Funny How He Just Doesn't Bother.

    I Adore That Song! I May Need To Borrow That Sometime.

    I'm So Glad You Stopped, And Didn't Get Any Closer...The Far Off Ponies, Doing Their Thing Was Perfect

  4. Can I just have a small corner of your lovely paradise? Your horses must think they've died and have arrived to heaven with those surroundings.

  5. AnonymousMay 01, 2013

    I can just imagine...
    "And this is a 20 metre circle.... this is how you change the rein across the diagonal.... and ooh look I've drawn a face in the sand!"

  6. Beautiful conditions for working outside. Love the perspective on these pictures...happy ponies.

  7. They are so funny. I would tack them all up and have my own private dressage show down there since they are so keen on entering the arena! :)

  8. Something my Boys would do. Every time I go out there to do the simplest task, if the Boys see me, they are at my elbow checking it out. Anything even remotely new or different needs thorough checking.

    I can just hear your herd discussing the footing. "Gee, this is nice." "Wait a minute, does that mean she's going to ride us in here?" No wonder Blue pretends indifference. *G*

  9. Aawww, how cute, like little kids left to their own devices and amusing themselves, no problem! Pictures turned out great :D

  10. They were practicing their very free free walk :)

  11. AnonymousMay 05, 2013

    Your arena looks wonderful, as do the horses!

  12. AnonymousMay 08, 2013

    great photos! What a lovely place you have there.

  13. yea - nice playpen
    and look at that gorgeous green grass!!!!! *whimper*
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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