Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Poor Guy

" The Murph "

 Tuesday our ten-year-old Australian Shepherd “Murphy” had an operation to remove a grapefruit sized fatty growth.  This was down in his groin and I honestly don’t know how he wasn’t walking sideways.  The operation was a success and he’s home recuperating now.  I’ve got to say I like the soft cone collar he’s wearing, to keep him from taking his own sutures out, much better than the old hard plastic cones.  They were hard to deal with, especially in doorways.  So far the only problem he’s had is when he goes out for his potty breaks.  Seems while he’s sniffing around for that sweet spot he keeps stepping on the collar and getting stuck in place.  Doh! I’m sure he’ll figure it out today he’s very smart. In the meantime he has his sister Maggie checking him out on a regular basis to make sure he’s really home.  She did miss him while he was gone.  Murphy does a lot of sighing when she’s around him though...

Maggie - " The Nursemaid"
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Quote for Today
A man may smile and bid you hail
Yet wish you to the devil;
But when a good dog wags his tail,
You know he's on the level.
~Author Unknown


  1. Poor Mr Murphy. I admit I had to chuckle at the mental image I got of him trying to sniff around with that big collar on. Our Skoshy has the most involved "poop dance" I've ever seen. I suspect if something interfered with her ability to sniff around she just wouldn't be able to go at all!

    Sending Murphy healing thoughts!

  2. I have never seen a collar like that. A huge improvement over the "cone of shame".
    Hope he heals up nicely.

  3. Poor Murph! He looks handsome though.

  4. Two beautiful pups! Our Old English Sheepdog had a huge growth on his chest that was removed successfully was huge. No such collar at that time.
    Great photos.

  5. So glad Murphey's home and doing well! If one must wear a "cone of shame", then a soft cone is much better. He and Maggie are beautiful dogs. I bet they love each other, even if Murphey does sigh a lot...males just do that sort of thing.
    Cute quote today - truth!

  6. Hope the patient recovers quickly. Floppy cone beats stiff cone any day! :D

  7. The soft collar looks like a huge improvement on the old style. I am glad he came through the surgery healthy and on the mend.

    Feel better Murphy!

  8. Awe. He's adorable. Our little Yorkie had "the cone of shame" on when he got fixed.. but it was much more plasticy and uncomfortable. Hope Murphy recovers quickly.

  9. So glad the surgery went well and that Murphy gets to experience the soft and pretty-colored cone. All our healing thoughts for a quick recovery!!

  10. My dog had the old plastic cone and it was awful. Then the first chance he got he ran off into the forestry and came back without it, after that we didn't bother. Murphy is gorgeous!

  11. He is beautiful.

    I didn't know they were making soft cones like that. That's great. I hope he heals fast!

  12. I've never seen a soft cone before. I'm sure it's more comfy for the dog as well. It made me laugh with Maggie sighing when Murphy's around (Brothers sheesh!).


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