Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This and That


There's not really much going on around here horse wise. I've basically been busy decorating for Christmas and shopping and haven't had any time to squeeze a ride in. Maybe tomorrow...

 The horses were wormed recently. Poor Grady, my heart goes out to this sweet guy. He's still not comfortable when anyone stands in front of him and puts a hand on top of his nose. He didn't shoot back into the corner of the stall this time, so there is some progress in the trust department. I felt so bad for him as he stood there trembling and shaking all over his eyes wide. He was terrified. I have no idea what someone did to him in the past. I'll wager he didn't have good experiences with people who worked with him. He's such a sweet horse too, it's a shame someone felt the need to traumatize him. Most likely, because he's so big and they were the ones who couldn't handle his size not him. 

 Recently, I was surprised when I won a contest at:
 A Thousand Pounds of Fragile Horse Jan and her lovely horse Buckshot are a wonderful team. Stop by and check out how she and Buckshot are progressing each week.

 Jan sent along a bag of yummy horse treats for the herd. They devoured them in record time! A great brush that will come in handy considering what a filthy bunch they are. For me there was a starry Christmassy mug complete with hot chocolate. A perfect assortment of hand lotions for my wintery crocodile skin.

Thank you again Jan and Buckshot. I'm enjoying all of my prizes. It really is so nice this time of year to be able to open a gift that makes me feel special.

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  1. Happy Christmas shopping and hugs to Grady. Such a beautiful horse. So glad he now lives where he gets kindness and understanding.

    Congrats on your early Christmas present. How terrific!

  2. Don't you wish horses could just speak sometimes!!! it might help us understand them better.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. Sweet O'Grady! Congrats on winning all those goodies...

  4. Poor, sweet, Grady. I think that often a big horse may well be badly handled if people are intimidated by his size. I'm pretty sure that's what happened to my PJ who was a big boy for a Thoroughbred--both chunky and tall. Took a long time to get him to trust me, so kudos for you to have come so far with Grady. He has a good home with you...and, apparently, some pretty tasty treats too!!

  5. ugh! it's too soon for xmas! i'm not ready yet :-\

  6. I hate it when horses seems scared like that and we can't help them get past it. He's lucky though to have you.

    Winning a contest is always a thrill and makes me want to give away something after reading that. Hmmm.....I'll have to put on my thinking cap!

  7. A nice early Christmas present for you! What a handsome boy Grady is. They do seem never to forget trauma don't they?

  8. I feel sorry for O'Grady, he must be treated kindly. He could not have experienced such fear if people are aware of the importance of good horsemanship. But then he,s still lucky to have you. Merry Christmas.


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