Monday, July 9, 2012

Cooling Off

'Heading Out'
'Oblivious to the fact that everyone left'

'Hey, wait up guys"

There really isn’t much going on around here.  The temperatures have been very high with humidity to match.  Depending on what the weather dictates the horses may stay in during the day and go out at night or vice versa.  We are hopefully heading for a cooling trend this week.  I did manage to ride Dusty on Saturday by heading out to the barn around six-thirty a.m. while it was still fairly cool.  She was very good yet again and seemed to really enjoy doing some light work.  I think the herd in general is all very bored with the heat and insect attacks so anything different is a welcome distraction.

Sunday morning everyone got a bath on the way out for the day, including us!  I managed to snap a few pictures of spa day while they were still clean.  Because you just know most of them had to take a good roll in the dirt.  I’ve come to the conclusion there is no way to keep a horse clean.

Blue was the most appreciative for his bath.  I don’t know why but the flies seem to like him the best and he is constantly covered with bloody bites.  I wish there was a way to change his chemical makeup to make him less attractive to these flying pests.  We’ve tried just about everything and nothing helps him.  Does anyone have a tried and true remedy for deterring these little biting monsters?

                                                                             Spa Day



'Nate' being Nate


'Blue' sticking his tongue out at me, how cute is this guy!

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  1. I think it might be his white fur. Harley and his buddy, who is also a paint, get bitten pretty badly by flies. The darker horses do not seem as bothered, but it could be a coincidence.

    Your farm is beautiful!

  2. ah, a clean horse never lasts!

  3. Is there such thing as a clean horse? ;-) I think it is a very temporary state for them.

    Poor Blue - my mare (a bay) is super sensitive to bugs as well. Fly spray doesn't work well enough, IMO and fly masks are so-so. You could try Swat on his boy parts - that area seems especially attractive to bugs. I have to give her antihistamines and dex to relive the small hives and itchiness she suffers from a bit.

  4. AnonymousJuly 09, 2012

    See if he will eat the very weird feed through repellent Inside Out. It is very strange, but works like a charm on horse that will eat it (it takes a few weeks to have an effect because it has to get through their system). Good luck


  5. I have a chestnut and he's sensitive to bugs, too. I've fed him a teaspoon or two of granulated garlic every day that I've had him (14 years on July 31) and the flies land but don't bite. I guess they don't like the taste. A few years ago one of the horse magazines said "garlic was poison" to horses. It was an error. ONIONS are poisonous to cows, and onions are related to garlic, but horses aren't cows and if granulated garlic (which also encourages water intake) were poison, my guy would be gone by now.;o)

  6. My guys are all wearing fly sheets. They are fine even in the heat. I use the texilene (Kind of a plastic mesh) and they are very durable. Some brands come with a belly guard as well.

    Haven't tried the garlic supplements in a while, but there is one called Bug Check that might work. Some people also recommend feeding vinegar. Seems to me there was a supplement around that used both vinegar and garlic, but I can't recall for sure. I'll search around.

  7. Great to see photos of your horses. I hope the fly attacks can be kept under control. My mare wants me to tell you that mud is the best fly protectant for a horse :)lol!


  8. I bet the horses enjoyed their bath time . Gosh Dusty has gone a real dark golden colour with her summer coat

  9. EBay has some pcv flysheets for $69.99. They are good quality. Don't know the size you need, but you might look into them for Blue.

    If you do hose the horse off, you can just leave the sheet on. It will dry and cool at the same time. Just a thought.

  10. It's been the same here, super hot with no rain in weeks. The grass is getting brown and crunchy.

    I always enjoy seeing pictures of your horses, especially the two of Sami and Donny- they are almost in identical poses!

  11. Jean,
    Thanks for the info, I'll check it out. The only thing I worry about is buying it and having these ruffians rip it to shreds in a day or two. They play hard sometimes and I'm always replacing fly masks, halters, grazing muzzles etc. Blue is the worst for trashing equipment.

  12. The PVC ones are pretty sturdy. I usually get a season at least out of one. If it does get a little tattered, just keep using it. The only time I junk one is when it won't stay on any more.

    Chance's sheet has some "edge wear" along the hem and I just noticed some ripping in a hind tab. Tucker's neck strap is pulled apart, and Toby's sheet, so far is unscathed. Put them on in May, as I recall.

  13. Thanks Jean,
    I'll look into them. I appreciate your help.

  14. AnonymousJuly 10, 2012

    Cassie is very sensitive to bugs and midges can give her sweet-itch, and although herbs, garlic and homoeopathy all help I have come to the conclusion that fly sheets with belly flaps are the only way to go for real relief.

  15. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to offer suggestions. I may have to try them all and see how Blue does.

  16. I have tried a new product this summer called Liquid Net. It's a green product, smells great and conditions the coat too. It also works as well as any toxic spray I've tried (all of them). Money back guarantee if you aren't happy. :)

  17. Hope you got your own spa day in after all that work (though I always enjoyed bathing horses...go figger).

    The insects are monstrous. A solid coat of mud is probably the best barrier. No chemicals either.

  18. AJ's Tack has a fly sheet for $57 and free shipping for a day or so.

  19. Thames Jean, I'll check it out!

  20. Meant to say thanks not Thames.! Got check better before I hit publish,

  21. If I could I'd package up this unrelenting rain of ours and send it your way. I mean honestly, do we need a month's worth of rain falling in under 2 days?!? And still no end in sight.

    How does Dusty still manage to look gorgeous with a fly mask??

    Poor Blue, hope you manage to find something that works soon. Hasn't affected his cheekiness, if that photo is anything to go by *lol*

  22. I'm having a tough time with flies, too. They're really attacking (just like last year) my older horse, Red--who is all Red. I put the masks on, but they lose them within hours out in the pasture and I'm constantly searching for them. Blankets never work for me unless I put them in stalls...but mine are on 24/7 turnout with each other. I guess if it gets bad enough though, I'll put him in a stall with a fly sheet. Good luck and if I find any other ideas, I'll share them with you.

  23. OH!! Aren't the Horn-Deer- flies BADDD !! I actually call them "Horse Flies" 'cause they are so blasted large...if they banded together, they could probably carry a horse off!

    I too have used "Springtime Inc." Granulated, air dried Garlic...for the past 6 years on my sensitive TB. She eats her oats and garlic and then, goes for a drink- EVERYTIME!

    The other measures I have been using are: "Vicks Vapo Rub" on her bottom line- chest to teets. "Calm Coat Fly spray" for the top of Far, riding with the Horse Flies and turn out have been successful.

    Hang in...take lots of showers, and drink lots of iced tea while looking at the horses!


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