Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool’s Day

Normally, I have a long-standing rule that I never ride on April 1st.  Being a somewhat superstitious person I decided to never ride again on April 1st after I had a pretty bad wreck about eleven years ago with Erik: we were riding in an outdoor ring, it was cold and windy and a jump standard blew down on the side of us, he jumped and spun sideways and off I came.  After my debacle with Blue this past Autumn I’ve also added to my not to ride “when it’s list” windy days, when a storm is coming or when he doesn’t look safe.

Last night I don’t know what was setting the entire herd off but they all came galloping up to the catch pen like they had a rocket up their butts.  Blue who claims the title “laziest horse in the barn” was the leader of the pack.  Head down, bucking, chasing Nate away from the gate, it just wasn’t like him.  Naturally, I assumed he knew the following day was April 1st and was reinforcing my intent not to ride.  This morning on the way out he blasted off when I opened the gate and took off for greener pastures.  Usually, he just takes a drink and moseys off. I was sure I made the right decision not to ride.

Although…yesterday I lunged Dusty and she did beautifully, which led me to the conclusion that it was time to take us for a stress free walking ride after almost a year.  She was ready and so was I.  My time-honored rule/superstition be damned, we were going on our maiden voyage today. From head to tail I did a beautiful job grooming her if I do say so myself.  When I tried to pick up her left front leg to clean her hoof she pulled back and jumped to the side and broke the crossties.  This isn’t like her and upon further examination I noticed she was resting her left hind and the suspensory was a little swollen.  Great.  Apparently, on her run up with the rest of the herd last night she must have hurt herself and was in pain.  She got a treat and I put her out with her grazing muzzle and told her “no more running today.” Hopefully, this little injury will clear up by itself and we’ll be able to take that first ride by next weekend. 

So it seems my bad luck is still holding out for April Fool’s Day! 

Until next time
Quote for Today
My horses are my friends, not my slaves.
    - Reiner Klimke-


  1. That's horrible! I thought you were going to write about how great it all turned out. I was tempted to put my filly out today, but had this little something saying not to because she has to go to the trainer tomorrow and I don't want her injured. Well, I let them all out (except her and Cowboy) and they all went nuts. She did, too, in her stall. Beautiful Girl came back up to me with a bleeding face--no telling how that happened. I was just thanking my lucky stars I'd kept her in. Talk about rockets up their butts...let's just say that was a good way to put it.

  2. You know it's a wild situation when horses have rockets up their butts. Sorry that Dusty was off and I hope she improves quickly. You got the message...don't ride on April Fool's Day.

  3. Hope all is well (or at least better) on April 2 . . .

  4. Well, our weather here in the NW has been definite "rocket in the butt" inducing for horses (wind, rain, and more wind)...kinda hard to think about riding when you can't even get chores done because the mud is so thick, but it seems to work for the horses (although we all know what a great combo mud + running horses makes...)! Here's hoping to sunnier and calmer days for all of us...and that Dusty's leg is back to normal soon.

  5. Awww, I'm so sorry. I hope she's feeling better soon.

    I rode Annie for the first time in months and she was good. I'm more worried about riding on April 16th, the day of my accident with Scout and the anniversary of my broken ankle.

  6. The rockets were flying at my place too!

    Love that Reiner Klimke quote. :)

  7. My Boys seemed pretty quiet today.

    I understand your superstition, though. I don't ride on the day of my church Christmas vespers service because that was the day I fell off and broke my wrist. Some days just have a "curse" on them.

    Hope Ms. Dusty is OK. That's a bit of a worry.

  8. Geez! that really sucks. I was hoping you were on the way to a new and better April Fool's tradition.

  9. lets hope Dusty comes right soon!!

  10. Whoo! Glad you noticed Dusty's swelling and that the shenanigans happened sans rider!

    We had a wild herd yesterday too - one of the goats across the lane got out and was then bleating wildly b/c he couldn't get back in. We hear little bits of bleating off and on but have not yet heard anything remotely like this - it was louder than the donkeys are! The entire November Hill herd were down at the fence supervising the loose goat until my husband went down to see what was going on - when he walked down the hill they decided HE could deal with it and they took off like a herd of wild things, galloping like something was after them.

    Funny though - once they got up to the top of the hill the bleating stopped and they must have thought the goat was going after my husband because they all trotted back down the hill like they were going to protect him. They lined up in a row.

    We've had a few cool nights here and a hailstorm passed fairly close to us on Friday night, so once again the weather is just crazy enough that it must be setting us all on edge. I felt it too this weekend.

    Glad we're past April Fool's Day!!

  11. Hopefully her injury isn't serious. Poor Dusty. BTW, I hate April Fools Day and do my best to not leave the house at all if I can!

  12. That's a gorgeous picture of Dusty - as always, she's a beauty :)
    So sorry your April 1 ride didn't work out - it would have been nice to defy the superstition (I have them too). Hope you get the ride soon.

  13. Kudos to you for at least trying to overcome the suspicions. Calabar's birthday is April 1st, so it's good luck for me. :)

    Hope Dusty recovers quickly!

  14. hope Dusty gets well soon, and all of us have those 'days' when we don't do anything because something bad happened on that day in the past.


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