Monday, August 1, 2011

Dusty Goes Missing


It’s been two weeks since I’ve been able to ride. The previous week was too hot and this week we had three birthdays to celebrate.  Today I squeezed in a ride on Blue.  I’m guessing by the way he behaved he assumed incorrectly that he had been retired and put out to pasture after a few months of consistent riding.

After we walked around on a loose rein for a while imitating a drunken sailor I asked for the trot.  I got the trot…for about four steps.  Then he stopped dead and refused to go forward.  Ask again… another few steps, stop and refuse.  This went on about four times until I asked for the trot on a circle.   Blue knows this is the no-nonsense-you’re-going-to-work cue.  We ended up having a nice trot a few times in both directions on the circle and called it a day.  There was still a lot of work to be done around the barn before the temps hit the high notes.

Once Blue and Grady were taken care of and turned out we got to work on the barn.  My daughter mucked while I did the hay, water and sweeping.  During this time we turned Dusty out to roam like she always does.  The longe line we have up across the driveway was taken down to smooth the way for the wheelbarrow’s trip down to the dumpster.
 After we were done with the barn my daughter asked, “where’s Dusty?” 
“Last time I saw her she was grazing by the feed shed.”
“ Well she’s not there anymore”.

So we went on a Dusty search around the barn and, you guessed it, no little blonde mare.  In our infinite wisdom we realized the longe line was down and brilliantly figured she’d taken advantage of her get out of jail card.  My daughter found her down by the second paddock visiting over the fence with the boys.  When Dusty spotted my daughter coming for her she took off down the alleyway next to the paddock.  The only reason she was able to catch her was because she is in heat and stopped to, ahem, say “hello” to Donnie.

Dusty was led back to the barn by her halter and once again was able to spend the heat of the day in her stall with a full hay net under her fan.  Dusty is a good sport but her confinement and lack of companions is starting to wear on her.  I can only wish she heals soon and can rejoin the herd.

Until next time

Quote for Today
The grass is always greener on the other side, until a horse comes and poops on it.

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