Saturday, July 23, 2011

Horses of the Night

"Chowing down on the hay nets"

Most of the country seems to be having a heat wave and we’re a part of it.  The past few days have been unbearable, the temps ranging from the high 90’s into the over 100-degree mark.  If that wasn’t bad enough the humidity is very high making everything and everyone drip with sweat.  I know ladies perspire but we’re sweating our butts off here.

In order to give the horses some relief they have been staying inside during the day under their fans and out of the blazing sun.  Nighttime turnout around 7 p.m. seems to keep everyone more comfortable.  Although, they can’t wait to come in first thing in the morning for breakfast and a nap, so I’m not sure how happy they are to be out all night.  So that’s how we’re coping with the heat. Below are a few pictures of turnout tonight:

"Shh, hide the beer and smokes, they're coming... damn, busted."
Blue:  "Where'd everybody go? Heard there was a party tonight."
Nate :   "I heard it was in the back field...heh, heh, heh"
Mellon:  "Get the light outta my eyes. You're killin' my buzz."
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Quote for Today
A little horseplay... the way best to enjoy a summer day (or night)!

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