Monday, May 23, 2011

Dusty and Blue

" Blue"

There was nothing much going on around here this past weekend. Friday I took the Mule out to look for Dusty’s Soft-Ride boots.  She came in without them after being let out to graze with the boys for a while. Luckily I found them in the second paddock, in the mud.   Good thing I was wearing my slip-on sneakers; I totally trashed them.  And when I went to pick up the second boot a bug flew in my mouth and down my throat.  After gagging and spitting for a while I think I just swallowed it.  More protein never hurt anyone, right?  Gack!

Saturday I rode Blue in the morning and he was mostly good.  He’s got steering problems so we worked on that for a while at the walk.  It’s funny but it seems he’s also forgotten how to keep a steady pace at the trot.  A nice start turns into speed and then almost slows to a walk then speeds up again.  We worked on getting him consistent.  My balance may cause part of the problem because I am relying too much on my stirrups again.  I rely on my stirrups for balance, especially when the saddle shifts, and that only makes it slip even more.  Blue has the same whither challenged problem as Dusty, as in they are non-existent to the human eye or saddle.   So with Blue’s bone-jarring big movement at the trot, the saddle slips side to side and my balance goes side to side with it. I’m afraid we’re going to be stuck with this for a while until he’s fitter and used to being back in work and until I can find my balance on him.

" Dusty in her little paddock"
Dusty had a lovely day at the spa.  First she got the total curry massage treatment, then three different brushes to bring out the gleam in her lovely coat, while stuffing treats in her mouth to make her stop fidgeting.   Then Show Sheen in her tail, which was de-knotted and de-burred before a perfect trim.  After her mane was pulled she looked years younger (that’s what I told her anyway.)  When her treatment was over, I turned her out in the small paddock and she promptly gave herself a mudpack.  Ah, the price of beauty.

Until next time

Quote for Today
In training horses, one trains himself
    - Antoine De Pluvinet-

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