Thursday, March 10, 2011

Observations From The Fence

" O'Grady "

O’Grady is our newest addition to the herd; he’s been with us for over a year now and is one of the sweetest horses we’ve ever met.  Grady stands at least eighteen hands, also making him the largest horse we’ve ever had.  His personality reminds me of the new kid in school, a bit awkward and shy, on the playground with no real friends.  He wants desperately to fit in, so he’s always looking for an accomplice to get into some trouble with him.  Blue is his stablemate on one side and Donnie resides on the other.  We put them in these stalls in hopes they would bond.

Because I have nothing else to do, here are my observations from the other side of the fence monitoring this interchange between Blue and Grady:

Grady:  “Hi Blue, whatcha doing today?”

Blue:  “Nothing that would interest you.”

Grady:  “Want to play or groom or something?”

Blue:  “No.”

Grady:  “Blue, you’re like the coolest horse in the whole barn.”

Blue:  “I know.”

Grady:  “Want to be friends?”

Blue:  “Uh, no.”

Grady:  “Aw, come on Blue, nobody else will be my friend.”

Blue:  “How’s that my problem?”

Grady:  “Want to see me roll in the mud again?  I can get super dirty!”

Blue:  “Good for you.”

Grady:  “How about we go check out the back field?”

Blue:  “No, that’s a long walk for no reason; there’s no grass back there yet.”

Grady:  “I’m bored.”

Blue:  “Yeah, I’m starting to know how you feel.  Why don’t you go play with that little brown

Grady:  “He’s not my friend.  He’s always biting me and it hurts.”

Blue:  “You’re a big guy, stand up for yourself.”

Grady:  “I can’t, I don’t want him to be mad at me.  No one else will play with me!”

Blue:  “I can’t imagine why not….”

Grady:  “I’ll give you my lunch hay….”

Blue:  “Hmm, now you’re speaking my language.  What did you say your name was again?”

Grady:  “It’s Grady, can we play now?"

Blue: (Sigh).  “Maybe after lunch we can do a little thing I like to call ‘halter tag."

Grady:  “Yay, I just got a new halter!  Sounds like fun!!!”
" Blue "

Until next time

Quote for Today
Be wary of the horse with a sense of humour.
    - Pam Brown

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