Saturday, March 5, 2011

Indoor Antics

" Blue "

We’ve still got snow covering the paddocks and the horses haven’t left the catch pen for months. It’s their decision, but it seems they prefer to stand around and eat out of the hay nets.  Although… I did notice one set of hoof prints leading to the next paddock and a pile of manure by that pasture’s waterer.  My guess is the herd sent out a scout to reconnoiter and report back whether there was any grass poking through the snow yet.  If I had to make an educated guess, I’d pick Blue as the scout since he is our resident adventurer and a highly motivated grazer.

This morning we decided that, since the horses were so bored and the weather was decent--if a slight bit rainy, we’d start getting the herd in shape with some longeing. Blue and Grady were first up for some walk and trot on the longe.  Grady behaved himself and Blue, who is the calmest laziest horse on the property, was a wild man.  I asked him to “walk on” and he did so beautifully for about three complete circles and then turned into a squealing, bucking, cantering bronco.  Blue’s good training and personality brought him right back when asked but we repeated this scenario five more times. He was also setting Grady off. 

At this point we decided it would be a better idea to turn them loose and let them have some fun.  We weren’t getting anything accomplished with their pent up energy from months of standing around. We took them by two’s just like Noah’s Ark to the indoor. Here are the results from the horse show they put on:

  •        Mellon wins the blue ribbon for most rolls in one day, and he did jump a cavelletti.
  •        Dusty wins the red for not galloping around but trotting at a controlled pace, although she did toss her head quite a bit to show she’s still a wild pony. She also walked over a cavelletti to show the others how it was done properly.
  •        Grady garnered the yellow for best floating canter.
  •        Donnie received the white for staying out of Nate’s way, trying really hard to not get too carried away, and being a cutie in general.
  •         Blue took home the pink because he was squealing like a little girl and he looked very handsome doing an extended trot.
  •         Nate wins the green for most obnoxious behavior and flat out galloping, and he left the most manure to be picked up.
  •         Sami was awarded the purple because he refused a jump (he came to a sliding stop in front of a cavelletti--very impressive, but still a refusal) and he tried to bite Mellon on the butt while he was down rolling (not very sportsmanlike, I’m afraid.)  Sorry, can’t make any exceptions for cuteness.  He’ll just have to be happy with last place this time.

So ends our eventful morning.  I’ll be dragging the ring to get the footing in shape again.  Dusty and I have a riding date later this afternoon.

Until next time
Quote for Today
A little horseplay... the way best to enjoy any day!

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