Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christmas Eve Myth

A myth in folklore, tells us that on Christmas Eve at midnight all horses are gifted with the ability to converse in human speech with each other and with us. I have never been fortunate enough to hear them chatting amongst themselves. Regrettably, this year will be another missed opportunity because of previous commitments; I can only imagine what their conversation would be like.

Sami (our youngest and most curious, childlike horse)
Sami has spotted something in the sky.
“Grady, do you think that light in the sky is Santa Claus and he is coming to give us treats?”

O’Grady (Sami’s best friend. As “older brother,” it is his job to torment Sami.)
“I don’t know Sami, but if it is Santa, I’m not sure you’re getting anything this year. Remember when you broke the fence? Well that was very naughty and Santa knows all about it!”

“Oh no, that was just an accident!  Santa won’t mind about a fence, will he?”

“Sami, Sami, you poor little misguided horse!  You are not getting anything from Santa.  Sure, he is bringing all of us treats and new halters, but we have all been good.  You, on the other hand… there is that fence incident and, of course, when you got loose and ran all over the farm and Mom couldn’t catch you. You’ll be lucky if you get a shriveled up carrot in your stocking!”

Sami is looking out his window and feeling very sad about all this, “but if I promise to be good will Santa bring me something anyway?”

“Well we will just have to wait and see won’t we? But I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you…”

Donnie (our kindest and sweetest horse who looks out and cares for every herd member.)
“Don’t worry Sami, I’m sure Santa has something in his bag for you. We all make mistakes and Santa is very forgiving.  I’ll bet he gives you the biggest treat because you are the youngest horse.  You really are a good boy so don’t let Grady tease you and upset you.  Now go to sleep, little guy, and wait until morning and then you can see what Santa left for you. Good night, little buddy.”

Nate (another sweet personality in the barn, who is friendly to everyone and quite a prankster with a twisted sense of humor)
“Now, Donnie don’t go getting Sami’s hopes up.  Grady might be right and Santa won’t leave him anything. Unless he stops being such a little brat during pasture time.  Maybe if he promises to stop annoying all of us with his antics I might be able to put in a good word for him. What do you say Sami, can you promise to be good from now on…humm”?

Mellon (is senior herd member and leader.  Age has not mellowed him much…)
“Will you idiots knock it off! I don’t see anything in the sky.  And, besides, who wants a scary stranger to come into the barn in the middle of the night with a bunch of reindeer and noisy bells everywhere? Not me!  And Nate, don’t you remember when you dragged your blanket into the stall and trashed it?  How do you think Santa will like that?  Stop teasing Sam-…

Wait! I see something.  Is it that light over there?  It’s moving!!!  What if it isn’t Santa at all?  It could be a meteor heading straight for the barn!  Or aliens coming to abduct me and perform strange tests.  Or worse, it could be the vet coming to perform strange tests!!!

Blue (a sort of free spirit who lives in his own world, above all the nonsense.)
“Listen you guys, I’m trying to catch some shut eye over here, so just go to sleep and see what happens in the morning.  If we have new stuff, then we have new stuff; if we don’t, who cares?  Take what the universe sends and be grateful for it. Tomorrow is just another day… life is all an illusion… yawn… nothing really belongs to us… yawn… renounce material… zzzz….”

Dusty (our self-absorbed mare, who has very little tolerance for silly boys.)
Ignoring Blue, she interrupts: “Hellooooo, why is everyone looking out their stupid windows when they could be looking at me?” Stomp!

“Can’t you see my beautiful blonde hair, and big brown eyes,” she says, wrapping a Christmas garland around her neck like a feather boa.  If anybody gets anything, it will be me, because I am the most beautiful. I will get all new brushes and shampoos and blankets and halters and saddle pads. You just wait and see! I have been as good as I need to be and I deserve it all.  You boys are just a bunch of brats who don’t deserve anything!” Stupid boys….

Until next time…

Quote for Today
Horses have as much individuality and character as people.
- C.W. Anderson

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