Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Sami '

' Sami '
Seems our little boy, Sami, is growing up. When he came to us two years ago he was a mistreated five-year-old stallion.  Now that he is a big boy and gelding of seven, his school days have started in earnest. September seems to be the month for the start of new challenges for children going back to school. Sami is no different; he’s starting kindergarten, a little late I know, but he needed time to adjust to his new surroundings. And he has in a big way; he’s the most obnoxious youngster I’ve ever seen in our paddocks.  There is never an end to his antics and they aren’t the least bit endearing to us or the other herd members.  The constant play fighting is causing a lot of physical damage to Grady, who is the only one who will participate in Sami’s games. For a little guy, 14.2 hands, he rears and kicks and bites and has managed to do a lot of damage to Grady who is 18 hands.  It would be easier if we could separate them, but the paddocks are configured in a way that it’s virtually impossible to do that efficiently.  Every one in the herd has to go out together and get along.

We’re hoping that perhaps with a program of training and consistent work he may stop acting as if he’s still a little stallion and vying for the position “king of the hill”. We’ve hired a trainer to come in and put him on a regular program.  I know we could do it ourselves but with a farm to run and other commitments, it’s a hard proposition. My daughter has a full time job, traveling 3 hours a day. In addition, I’ve got grandchildren who require babysitting a few days a week, making our free time a bit sketchy. Another consideration is that my daughter feels she is too tall to ride him. At 5’10” her feet would practically be dragging on the ground and there is no way I am throwing a leg over an untrained horse at this stage of the game. We just don’t have the hours to devote to full time training of this little hellion. He has had basic groundwork with saddle and bridle but he does need someone to sit on him and finish what was started. Also, on a selfish note, we’d like to ride the two horses that are actually functional now that the weather is getting cooler. So Sami will be going to school, starting yesterday.

On a fun note Sami has found a new friend.  Our neighbor’s young daughter recently lost her pony and has been coming over to groom Sami and hand graze him. This girl and Sami seem to get along with each other famously.  He enjoys the attention and is very well behaved with his new friend, grooming her and falling asleep with his head resting on her chest.

I’ll be posting periodic updates on how kindergarten is going and whether or not he’s getting gold stars or time outs.

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Quote for Today
What the colt learns in youth he continues in old age.
    - French Proverb

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