Friday, August 20, 2010

It Wasn't Me !

" Dusty"
This morning upon arrival at the barn for morning feed, Dusty was standing in the grooming stall, which is next to her stall.  As she stood there looking as innocent as she could, we had a Vulcan mind-meld and the telepathy that passed between us was nothing short of amazing.  She was telling me how she had no idea how she came to be in the grooming stall; all she remembers from last night was she twitched her nose like Samantha in the old TV series “Bewitched” and, lo and behold, she was magically teleported into the grooming stall. She’s a little fuzzy on the details but she thinks this is what may have happened to her.

She has no idea why Mellon’s stall looks like an army of soldiers marched through it in the night, or why he is all lathered up.  He’s really such a baby. Maybe he had a nightmare? (And that nightmare couldn’t have been named “Dusty”…?)

And I should disregard those hoof prints in the freshly dragged arena; they weren’t her hoof prints and she was definitely not roaming around investigating things last night.

Dusty has no idea how piles of manure got sprinkled around the outside of the barn on the lawn.  Maybe it was the deer or the foxes or an errant dog perhaps?  Or maybe it just fell out of the wheelbarrow on the way to the dumpster?  You know how messy humans can be.

Oh and she has no idea how pansies taste either.  There is absolutely no way she would have gone into the gardens in front of the barn and tore it all up and then snacked on the pansies.  She would never do that!  The footprints in the mulch are also from those pesky foxes.

If there is any lingering doubt in my mind that she had anything to do with the destruction in the night one needs only to look at her stall and the innocent expression on her face. As she has so meaningfully pointed out to me, her stall guard is still up and do I seriously think she could fit under it?  The only rational explanation is she must have had an out of body experience or perhaps been beamed-up by aliens and re-deposited in the wrong stall upon returning to earth. How else could she have mysteriously wound up in the grooming stall? Really, it’s the only explanation.

Sounds good to me, how about you. Are you buying any of this?

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Quote for Today

A little horseplay... the way best to enjoy a summer day!

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