Thursday, July 29, 2010

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' Dusty ' 
In captivity suffering the cruel and unusual punishment 
of stall rest !

We’ve been busy around here lately.  It seems I’ve had another one of those dreadful birthdays last Monday.  No need for best wishes and all that claptrap, it’s over and done with.  However, I’m just so excited that my birthday present was delivered yesterday I had to share.  What’s the big deal, well it’s an arena drag I can attach to the Kubota. I’ve wanted this for a while now for the new indoor.  Thanks dear, it’s really appreciated now that we’ve actually got footing! 

Some of my friends and family probably think it’s sad that this is the sort of present that makes me happy.  Not jewels, new cars, fancy clothes, flowers etc. I’m sure they think there is something majorly wrong with me.  My three children also chipped in and gifted me with a new bridle for Dusty that I’ve been admiring…well, okay I’ve been hinting at.  I can’t wait to try it out and see how she likes it.  After all it was her birthday in the beginning of July too. A girl deserves some new tack once in a while.

Unfortunately, Dusty is still on stall rest for another week or so.  The vet was out last week and x-rayed her foot.  Seems she’s got about a 5% rotation in her coffin bone.  I wasn’t too happy to hear about that but when she heals he feels it shouldn’t hinder her performance at all and she can do everything she did before.  He suggested there might be a way to reverse shoe her that may even correct the rotation.  The gut feeling around here is that she stepped on a rock and injured herself that way. It’s nothing metabolic and there is no laminitis suspected. 

This all comes under the heading of “It figures”! Now that the arena is finally able to be used I have no horse to ride in it.  Okay, I’m lying, that’s not exactly true.  Rest up Blue cause we’re heading out this weekend.

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Horse people are stable people.

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