Tuesday, April 20, 2010

' The Great Unveiling'

‘The Great Unveiling’

It’s time to unveil our new 200 x 76 indoor arena.  We have been building this for over two years now.  The finish date was February ’09, as you can see they are a teensy bit over their due date.  It’s been a process where I feel like I am giving birth; now I know how an elephant must feel. I can’t begin to tell you how this whole frustrating building debacle annoyed me this past winter.  Looking out the window and seeing the building completed but not being able to use it during our worst weather had me pacing and exasperated.  A very nice young man who has absolutely no business sense runs the company we contracted to do this job. The workers show up sporadically, they’ll come for a week and then not for another 2 or 3 weeks.  Had they simply stayed on the job I think it would have been done on time. That said, they build a really nice structure.

We’ve been dealing with drainage problems that were supposed to be addressed from the beginning.  I think the intricate set of drains that are now in place are effectively diverting the overflow from the pond to the creek behind the indoor.  Anyway, we have recently been laser leveled and are now waiting for the base of felt/stone dust and then will be able to put our footing down.  After that the only thing left is to have them stain the T-111 on the walls and WaaaLaaaDeeeDah  we should be able to use it by May. Fingers crossed on this one. I don’t want to be skeptical but I’ve been hearing finish dates for a very, very long time!

Here are some pictures of the (almost) completed indoor. We’ve still got lots of landscaping to do which we hope will soften the outside appearance and make it look less like a battleship run aground in the middle of the farm.

Some pictures of the new indoor arena:

These are some of the best shots I've got, as you can see there's
still lots of work to be done. 
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