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Tuesday- February 9th the FEI will be having a closed door meeting concerning Rollkur or hyperflexion as it is sometimes called. Dr. Gerd Heuschmann will be the only advocate for the horse as far as we've heard.  He will certainly describe the many negative effects this torturous practice has on these special animals. Whether or not his voice will be listened to and taken to heart is another story. So many of these so called horsemen and women will more than likely turn a deaf ear to his expertise and one can only wonder why?  Are they so uneducated as to condone this practice or are they simply uncaring about the distress this places on the horse. If they are uncaring the question again is, why? Is it fear of losing sponsor monies or perhaps simply not 'rocking the boat' with the celebrity riders (if one can even call them riders).  I'm baffled that anyone, be it a celebrity rider, trainer or equestrians like the 'simple every rider' would even consider taking an abusive shortcut like rollkur, and not be proud of the joy and mutual partnership forged between horse and rider in training a horse properly and humanely through the levels. That's what horsemanship is supposed to be all about. I'm sure everyone will be sending good thoughts to Dr. Heuschmann and wish him success in making this abhorrent practice illegal.

Billie over at  camera-obscura has put up some videos that show Rollkur in action. Please give her blog a visit if you haven't already . She also suggested in a previous post that perhaps if we all put up the above logo of 'NO ROLLKUR' it might be seen and heeded to let the powers that be know we are not at all happy with their past decisions regarding this black spot on the sport of dressage and we do not support their decisions to date.

' The sadness and pain in the horses eye is all the discussion needed'

 ' Right '


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What the horse does under done without understanding...and there is no beauty in it.
    - Xenophon

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