Thursday, October 22, 2009

Product Review - Mounting Block

Mounting Block - Product Review


Being one of the many aging equestrians in the sport and, let’s face it, not being as athletic as I used to be, I’ve recently come to the conclusion there had to be a better way of mounting my horses. Fantasizing about just how nice it would be if my horses could be taught to lie down and let me mount from the ground has been my latest daydream. Unfortunately, they have not gotten on board with my brilliant idea and have told me clearly that if I want to mount that way I should “get a camel.”  The search was on for a better alternative to get us all on the same page.

Purchasing this particular 4-step (32”) mounting block has been a good find for all concerned.  Here is the link if you are interested: Freedom Rider.  If I position Dusty or Blue in front of this block, I can mount without having to put my foot in the stirrup, sort of like swinging your leg over a bicycle.  Not only is this good for me but it’s also good for the horses.  Dusty and Blue have broad backs and no withers to speak of so their saddles never quite stay in place, despite being custom fitted. We’re still searching for a better saddle design, but for now, the saddles they use fit relatively well and there is no pinching or blocking of their shoulder movements. However, the saddles do slip a bit from side to side if we mount the normal way because of the no-wither/broad-back scenario. 

Getting back to the mounting block, it is also excellent for our larger 17-18 hand horses, as you don’t need as much stretch of the not-getting-any-younger tendons and muscles to mount. I might also add that the torque is not as harmful to the horses back muscles during mounting, so it’s easier on them too.  Just a thought in case anyone was looking for a less streeetcchhy way of mounting.

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He who needs a mounting block had better not fall off in the middle of the field.

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