Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Challenge - Day 3

 The Challenge - Day 3

It's been raining all day and hard to get pictures.  During the breaks from the downpours I ran out and took a few pictures. And let me tell you there was definitely boot-sucking mud today. Feels like sort of a Blue day, so the featured horse today is Blue. He's such a good boy, I just love this horse. Mr. Nonchalant no matter what's going on.

' Blue Eye In The Rain'

'Blue Boy' 

'Following the Hay Cart' 

'Pretty Boy Blue'

'My Handsome Boy' 

'Red Maple' 

'By the Pond' 

'Last Goose of the Season'
( I hope)

'Run-in Shed'

 Until next time

Quote for Today

The delicate and exquisite horse is itself a work of art.
    - Bertrand Leclair

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