Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Queen Is In

The Queen Is In

As this is our royal birthday, we started the day with a spa treatment. Bathing, clipping, mane and tail pulling and although the grooms tried they came up short when they realized there was no sparkle hoof polish to be found in my lady’s bathing area. Off with their heads ! Harrumph!

Her Royal Highness ‘Moon’s Stardust’ will be holding court all day, therefore her loyal subjects may come bearing gifts and treats as is befitting a Queen of her stature.

Queen Stardust has decreed that her wish-list will include all precious gems, which will be taken to the royal saddle maker and inlayed into her bridle’s brow band. Rubies would be best, after all it is her birthstone; then again, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Such hard decisions… had better just bring both. Any new clothing would be appreciated (preferably trimmed in ermine or mink) grooming tools , new fly masks, tiaras, etc… Of course, it is understood, no toiling in the fields or arenas today anywhere in the realm. A serene enchanted day in which all subjects can properly worship the ground she walks on shall be trumpeted throughout the entire kingdom.

Official adoration is set to begin after breakfast and continue until the stroke of midnight when the festivities and butt kissing will end. Any subject wishing to partake of the buffet of unlimited grass, hay and their dinner grain, carrots and treats are welcome to attend. If no one chooses to acknowledge Her Majesty’s birthday with the proper adulation well then - let them eat cake - carrot cake!

Thank goodness her birthday only comes once a year; Dusty can be an unbearable tyrant!

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Quote for Today

An owner about her Appaloosa Mare - "She will do everything and anything I ask her as long as she thinks it is okay!" (It seems this also applies to my palomino mare, Dusty)!
- Mary Ann Holan

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