Saturday, May 10, 2008



 Dear Mom,

Just a note to say sorry for:

Those ulcers you’re working on; don’t worry about me so much I’ll be fine

Stomping on your foot; it was those darn flies

Ditto on the wet tail stinging across your face

The bumps and bruises from your fall; I really thought there was a monster in the bushes!

Staying out in the rain while you called and called

I know you ruined your best shoes when you had to tromp through the mud to get me, but the grass was awfully tasty

Blowing horsey 'boogies' on your dress just as you were about to leave for work; my nose was itchy, allergies you know

Oh well, I will try to be good but after all I am a horse and accidents do happen

Thanks for :
caring for me when I am sick or injured

feeding me

grooming me

scratching all of my itchy spots when I can't reach them

swatting my flies

always being there, like a giant treat-dispensing scratching post and handkerchief all rolled into one!

giving me nose-kisses even though yucky hair gets stuck in your lip balm...

not getting mad when I slobber on your shirt

cleaning my house better than you clean your own

putting the vet on speed-dial

not minding about all the poop...

still giving me carrots even after that time I ditched you on the trail and ran back to the barn because I thought I saw a saber-toothed squirrel, and you had to walk 3 miles on your own to get back. Is that unconditional love, or what?

 Mom, you're the best!

Most of all thanks for loving me and making me feel special !
I Love You Too Mom

Your Horse

Quote for Today

Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.  
~Author Unknown~

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