Friday, February 8, 2008

Spread The Love Award

' Spread The Love '

I was pleasantly surprised to have received an award from my friend Victoria, at Teachings of the Horse, and would like to thank her for thinking of me. It is an honor to be the recipient of any award, but it means a lot to be remembered by a friend like Victoria. This award was designed by Mica at Her idea is to “Spread the Love”, among all the special people we meet in the blogosphere and a way to show love and appreciation for all of us who put ourselves ‘out there’.

There are a lot of people I would like to “share the love” with, many have already received this award and I wouldn’t want to duplicate. For those of you who read my ramblings regularly and comment, I want to say thank you, it is always nice to hear from you and your comments are appreciated. While it is impossible to pick just a few special people when there are so many ,I would like to pass along this award with extra thanks to:

Linda at Lost World Farm

Lori at Pro Photo by Lori

Echo and her Mom at Diary of a Young Horse

Callie at Midwest Horse

To add the award to your post and pass it on to those you wish to show your appreciation and fondness for, just click on the award photo.

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